A Man With An Agenda

I'm an indie bookseller in Vermont, sometime public servant, and voracious reader. I love antiques, cats, D&D, and vintage Ken. Though my job requires me to dabble across the board genre-wise, my heart belongs to the Victorians and epic fantasy.


I've been writing at least something about everything I read since May of 2010.

My Agenda (Fuck Amazon)

My agenda is a modest one, convince the barest fraction to shop locally and therefore build our communities. I'm a small bookseller at an independatly owned store, and I've witnessed first hand how much it means for my town to have a thriving downtown.


Its easier then ever to avoid Amazon, and affiliates of their evil empire. Any and every small bookstore can ship an item directly to your home or a friends, most have an online presence, and offer many tangible benefits - like cats - that the internet can't provide.


I have a suggestion: If you prefer audio or ebooks, Try Kobo or Libro.fm - or asking your local bookseller for an Amazon alternative. The above are options that are similar in cost, but support local economies and fairly treated employees. When signing up you can select a participating bookstore and a portion of the sales go to that store at no additional cost.


Amazon is destroying downtown America and every small purchase through a real storefront makes a huge difference. Independent Bookstores are on a rise again, but others are still struggling. Thank you for your support and shopping local.

Currently reading

Kushiel's Dart
Jacqueline Carey
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The Tale of Genji
Murasaki Shikibu
The Big Book of Science Fiction
Jeff VanderMeer, Ann VanderMeer
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A Modern Comedy
John Galsworthy
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