The Cranford Chronicles

The Cranford Chronicles - Elizabeth Gaskell

A collection of the three short novels by Elizabeth Gaskell that were adapted into the BBC mini-series. There is a tentative connection between 'Confessions' and 'Cranford', but I believe they were not originally meant to be read together. Still they go well together as observations of small town and village life in the early to mid 19th century.

'Mr. Harrison's Confessions': 4 Stars.

A young doctor unwittingly gets in over his head in romantic entanglements when he begins his practice in a small town where he has mostly female patients.

'Cranford': 5 Stars.

A lovely collection of anecdotes and wisdom from a community led by its women. The lack of plot is inconsequential.

'My Lady Ludlow': 2 Stars.

Scarred by the French Revolution, a kindly English aristocrat must be brought around to accepting reform on her estate.