Tom Strong, Book 1

Tom Strong's Terrific Tales, Book 1 - Paul Rivoche, Steve Moore, Alan Moore, Leah Moore, Alan Weiss, Jerry Ordway, Art Adams, Sergio Aragonés, Jaime Hernández, Jason Pearson

Meet Tom Strong, the top science hero of Millennium City. He grew up on the remote West Indian island of Attabar Teru, married the chieftain's daughter, Dhalua and together they have a daughter of their own, Tesla. Along with inventive genius he possesses a steam-powered butler named Pneuman, pals around with a British talking gorilla and prevents one disaster after another, speeding along in his heli-pack or antique jalopy.

The Strong family has helped keep Millennium City, and America, safe for decades thanks to the powerful qualities of the Goloka Root that slows their aging process. This is world where cablecars have widespread use, and the heroes and villains are powered by scientific genius, not accidents of birth or circumstances.

There is an origin story in the first issue, of course there is, but it is told through a comic within the comic read by an eager fan - a young member of the Strongmen of America - unknowingly being defended by his hero against the Blimp Bandit.

Being so long-lived, stories can range across a whole century - this volume includes Strong battling an unusual Nazi squadron, nerds unwittingly unleashing a villain on the city through an internet download, and alternate universes where ancient civilizations triumphed. We're also introduced to his arch-nemesis Paul Saveen.

Moore just throws all of this at you, there's no need for a long wind-up, its immediate action, humor and it all works. I also have the benefit of reading ahead and knowing that everything matters. Each issue contributes to the overall story.


Tom Strong

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