Lady Susan

Lady Susan - Jane Austen

A novella about the "most accomplished coquette in England", 'Lady Susan' coasts through society either ahead of her reputation, or because of it. The story is told through a series of letters between the characters, the narrative never getting bogged down as the authors of the letters skips from one to the other naturally.

What makes this stand out is how this novel hints at a Jane Austen with her gloves off. Lady Susan and her confidante Mrs. Johnson are immoral and gleefully plan ways for Susan to entrap yet another man and marry off that useless daughter of hers. There isn't a hint of regret or affection in either of them, except for Mrs. Johnson's marrying a man too young to die.

Susan's brother-in-law made the mistake of politely inviting Susan to their home and lands his wife's brother into her clutches. Her daughter ends up on their doorstep as well. It doesn't take long for the pretty, demure, and graceful Lady Susan to bring scandal into the house and in Town as well. There are some rough edges to the characters, but it is so quick to read its a must for any Austen fan.