A Memory of Light, Wheel of Time #14

A Memory of Light - Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson

I wasn't exactly onto chapter books yet when 'The Eye of the World' was published, but before the decade was out I was able to sound my way through a chapter or two. It's comforting to see a grandiose fantasy series come to an end - even without the original author. I only had a 12 or 13 year wait, but I agree with the mixed feelings of the long-term fans. Tarmon Gai'don, as huge as it was, couldn't help but be underwhelming.

I had thought that 'A Memory of Light' would be a more cohesive book because of the strict focus on the Last Battle, but the endless progression of fighting along the different fronts became boring after the first few hundred pages.

Sanderson deserves a lot of credit, even with the notes Jordan left behind, it took a lot of effort to gather up all the threads into such a neat and tidy bundle. I didn't even attempt to refresh myself on the books this time so there might be some loose ends Sanderson missed, but they really can't have been that important. My only real problem was the (by necessity no doubt, these books were long enough) handling of the fates of some (formerly) prominent characters.

But it's over. There isn't any more. I've loved dreaming and examining this world (which is called what again?) and endless battle scenes considered, I'm content. My expectations weren't exceeded, but I wasn't shortchanged either. The ending does justice to the story.


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