Encyclopedia Brown Solves Them All

Encyclopedia Brown Solves Them All - Donald J. Sobol, Leonard W. Shortall, Lillian Brandi

I only guessed 4 out of 10. I am humbled

But then, Encyclopedia Brown usually proved too clever for me. Even as a child I would more often than not thumb to the back of the book to read the solution. More often than not its staring everybody in Idaville in the face and Encyclopedia is the only person blessed with both the book smarts and the common sense to see it.

This was the only book in the original run of the series I didn't have growing up, so it was fun to test my wits. I thought with my further education in the last 15 years I would have improved.

I especially have to hand it to the junior detective for an amazing deductive leap in "The Case of the Wagon Master". I was fascinated to find out that a frontier fort in 1872 would have followed the 1923 Flag Code.

Hmmm....Make that 5 out of 10, and if Encyclopedia doesn't have a quarter I'll take a check for 25¢.


Encyclopedia Brown


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