A Dance with Dragons

A Dance with Dragons - George R.R. Martin

As much as I welcomed this book on publication, I never read it again until now, and, it turns out, I retained only about half of it. 'Dance' covers the interesting characters and picks up on the viewpoints from 'Feast' as well. Unfortunately we come back to almost all of them.

Martin's world still has much to recommend it, but as I've grown up with the series my tastes have grown up as well, and Martin is being left behind. If another book comes out (and if another one follows that) I will read them, but they won't be read with the relish that I read (and reread) the first three. The television show has not helped 'Dance' either. The GoT writers have fixed many errors of Martin's in condensing the story for the screen, making mistakes as well, but more often than not its an improvement.

The series is regaining its footing, but other than a few climactic scenes there is little to suggest the momentum the books need if this series is going to survive past it's publication history - enough with the Tolkien comparisons, Martin is headed straight down Eddings Avenue.

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