The Man in the High Castle

The Man in the High Castle - Philip K. Dick

'The Man in the High Castle' was thoroughly enjoyable, I loved the incorporation of West's 'Miss Lonelyhearts'. Too bad it all fell apart at the end. I wasn't sure how to take all of the characters not acting like themselves in the last few chapters.

That end was a let down, even if I think I 'get' what Dick was doing, because before things went south it was a very believable alternate history. His take on an occupied America felt authentic, even while the tone felt off, more of a sign of when Dick was writing than any fault in the structure of the story, bizarre as it was.

Dick consulted the 'I Ching' throughout writing this. Wikipedia says that he started only with the name Mr Tagomi.

I'll be reading more from him, am reading 'The Penultimate Truth' now, in fact. That review should have more to say since I hope I won't be waiting so long to write it.