Ultimate Origins

Ultimate Origins - Brian Michael Bendis, Butch Guice

'Ultimate Origins' is Bendis indulging himself. A lot of this stuff is interesting, but not wholly necessary.

These issues depend on a decent working knowledge of the other main 'Ultimate' titles, and its main purpose seems to be explaining how "everything is connected" as the much-hyped and talked about Banner quote said. The Fantastic Four and Spider-Man, the X-Men and Professor X, Captain America and all the sundry villains all appeared for a reason.

And, hint hint hint, there is a biggie that has to do with Fury that will be good to know when you read 'Ultimatum'. Or, it might actually make the outcome of 'Ultimatum' too obvious. One of those two.

So, its worth reading if you're a big fan of these comics, but don't, as some people seem to have, read this if you're not already familiar with this universe and expect your typical origin stories.


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