Ultimate X-Men: Ultimate Vol. 9

Ultimate X-Men: Ultimate Vol. 9 - Robert Kirkman, Aron E. Coleite, Tyler Kirkham, Mark Brooks

Things are ending on a weak note I'm afraid. This is the last bound collection of strictly 'Ultimate X-Men' issues, I think their actual last issues are bound up with the Fantastic Four.

What we get here is the return of Mr. Sinister - whose creative re-imagining is undermined by the fact that Apocalypse does turn up. Apocalypse is about as nuanced as one might expect someone named 'Apocalypse' to be. I was hoping for a little more from the subterfuge that brought Bishop and Cable from the future.

Oh, and there's a bit of a "resolution" on the Shadow King business and the brood - by the way, Storm? This would have made an awful play. Let's consider it a 'pro' that superheroing keeps you away from your "art".

And thank you reviewer Craig for reminding me of the name of artist Harvey Tolibao who did the art for the last issue in the Apocalypse arc. Holy shit he's awful. He's got this thing for veins and sinews. There's one shot of an X-Men meeting where all of the lounging heroes have every muscle and contour outlined under their casual clothing. Is that X-Cotton? What is that fabric? It was like a still from 'Fist of the North Star'. I really hope that artist doesn't show up again.

And then there's "Absolute Power" which, with the sponsorship of Nancy Reagan, reminds us kids to just say no. I think it was neat twist on Colossus' abilities, but the sudden reveal of all the others who've been taking "Banshee" was a little much to swallow. And a little more info on how Jean and Scott missed Angel's transmogrification into a an eagle-thing would have been nice.

So things just got steadily worse in this arc, and when we find out who's responsible, whoo-ee do I not care! They should do more screening with the writers. Didn't they learn from 'Wolverine vs. Hulk' that a guy with a hit TV show isn't necessarily going to be able to write a comic worth shit? And, finally, would it have too much to see a little bit of action between Colossus and North Star?


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