The Celery Stalks at Midnight

The Celery Stalks at Midnight  - James Howe, Leslie H. Morrill

Another entertaining installment to the 'Bunnicula' books, even if Howe has retreated from the length and ambition that was present in 'Howliday Inn'.

Suspicious feline detective/conspiracist Chester, and his Watson Harold are now joined by Howie, the dachshund puppy introduced at the end of the last novel whose purpose is to provide Short Round comic relief in the form of puns.

Bunnicula the vampire bunny takes a big part again, having been found out on the loose in the night. Chester is afraid that these drained vegetables might rise up and help Bunnicula accomplish that age-old aim of world domination.

There is plenty of humor, but there seems to be little structure to what's going on and a lot of the incidences, including a meet-up with bulldog Max and a tomcat named Snowball, were unnecessary, unlike how the various characters and seemingly incidental conversations of 'Howliday Inn' all added up in the end to a fun gothic mystery send-up.

Granted, as a kid I loved it just because it was more Chester and Harold (Bunnicula, never speaking or doing anything, was, and is, a nonentity to me.) 'The Celery Stalks at Midnight' may have a clever title, a fresh (and lasting) character in Howie, and the return of the original illustrator, but, allow me to get technical, it all lacks oomph.




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