The Deluge Drivers

The Deluge Drivers - Alan Dean Foster

Well...I guess this is why I couldn't recall what happened in this final book of the trilogy, most of the memorable stuff has already happened.

This is odd considering this book contains the revelation of an event that would not only truly threaten the planet's native population, but almost entirely eliminate it. But the book itself never gels. One key factor is the increasing emphasis on the mystery of who Skua September is, a mystery I never cared to learn the answer to. Colette du Kane eventually shows up, but its...just about the most unromantic proposal ever and that sums it up. Like, he had nothing else going on so why not? This is what people are defending marriage for?

The book wraps up any and every loose storyline (Milliken Williams gets some much needed non-Mr. Wizard story time at least), and really should be read along with the rest of the 'Icerigger' trilogy, but it was a bit of a chore. I feel like Foster had played out most of his hand before it became time to finish the series.


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