Daddy's Roommate

Daddy's Roommate - Michael Willhoite

Another reviewer below pegged this book as "serving it's purpose." Which it does, it's not really creative, or fun, or even interesting for that matter as far as content. It explains homosexuality in a way that kids can understand. Which is awesome, of course, but this is more like one of those situational books for kids in need of specific explanations (like having a suddenly gay dad), rather then a story. There have been quite a few more books recently dealing with the topic in a more entertaining, less awkward, kind of way.


That said, this books gets its extra stars for its unintentionally hilarious illustrations, from the famous beach outing and beefcake gardening, to when at the end they go to an Ingrid Bergman film festival. Half the illustrations are in-jokes to gay culture in the late 80s and early 90s. It's fantastic.