Lunar Park

Lunar Park - Bret Easton Ellis

What started as a meta-fictional autobiography became a surreal horror novel. The only other book by Bret Easton Ellis I'd read before had been 'Less Than Zero' so I did not catch all of the references before some were explained in-book, others you have to figure out for yourself.

The novel begins with a fictional Ellis attempting a life of peace in the suburbs with his actress wife, estranged son and step-daughter. He does not seem to be coping well with normalcy and in the middle of his doubts he sees someone at his and his wife's Halloween party that shouldn't be there, someone he made up.

I don't want to give anything away, some may not be satisfied with this novel as it does not closely resemble Ellis' other works, and it is hard to feel sympathy for characters like Ellis who seems intent on self-destruction, but I feel that this novel set a different pace for him and there are moments of true, unnerving horror.