Ready Player One

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

I couldn't get out of this book, I read it in about a single day - that might have been in part because I'd just read through two mammoths of fantasy and sci-horror, but this book was a lot of fun. Wade accidentally finds the golden ticket to the cyber-empire and must race against all sorts of corporate thugs with the help (and competition) of his online friends. A nerdy post-oil escapist adventure full of John Hughes and arcade references.

I tried getting my roommate to read it, but he wasn't interested in the waterfall of references, at one point he just started counting them out loud. Not for him. I'm only a child of the 80s in a literal sense with plenty of hand-me-down toys, games, music and a small collection of tv movies and shows (with commercials!) recorded onto VHS*. So while some of these references are things I've come into down the line or had heard referenced before in the 80s fetishism that's been going on since around 1994, I felt pretty comfortable with the world Cline was presenting here.

This isn't for everyone, but if you're comfortable with pop culture regurgitation of any kind you'll be alright with 'Ready Player One'.

*Some really strange choices among them. Why did my parents record this for example?