Dealing with Dragons

Dealing with Dragons - Patricia C. Wrede

Princess Cimorene, after a being told that everything she wants to learn and do just isn't done by Princesses, runs away. She uses the advice of an enchanted frog and becomes the princess of the dragon Kazul. She is soon having the time or her life. There's something funny going on between the dragons and the wizards though, and Cimorene has to figure out what before its too late for her new friend.

This series turns fairytale expectations on their heads. There's a lot of that going on these days in middle grade and young adult, which is awesome, but it was much more rare back when I was combing the kids section at the library for something new to read. I remember being intrigued by the watercolor covers of the original editions. and checking out all four in the series at once, the librarian and I were on good terms.

I read this a long time ago and remembered loving it. I'm glad the series was recently reissued - these editions all come with a foreword from Wrede detailing how she was inspired to write the 'Enchanted Forest Chronicles' and what she was attempting to do. I love it. Except for the covers, each is more hideous than the last. I tried selling a customer on the story, and she took one look at the simpering Cimorene and blushing, eye-lashed Kazul on the cover and turned away with all the scorn a 9 year old girl can muster.

Put a little more effort into these please, give the artists more money, get better focus groups, something.


Enchanted Forest Chronicles

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