The Headless Cupid

The Headless Cupid - Zilpha Keatley Snyder

Me and my reading nostalgia. The Headless Cupid was my first Zilpha Keatley Snyder book and made her my favorite author from when I couldn't remember how to say her name right let alone spell it to when I discovered Redwall.

All grown up now, this is definitely one of her best books, striking the perfect balance between troubled youth and the supernatural.

Snyder knows that the kids aren't alright, and that is what makes her books worth reading. Because yes, it's true that her plots aren't intricate but she knew how to write how kids spoke with each other.

Here we don't get into the head of the troubled Amanda, but instead see her actions through the eyes of her new stepbrother David, a boy whose been mostly responsible for his siblings since his mother's death years ago. Snyder handles his conflicted feelings for his mother, his step-mother and his curious awe for Amanda's rebellion deftly and with compassion.

The other Stanley children, motormouth Janie, stubborn Tesser and her twin the sweet and spooky Blair are not fully fleshed out characters yet, its true, but there's such definite genuineness to their interactions that it's not surprise to me that Snyder wrote three sequels: The Famous Stanley Kidnapping Case, Blair's Nightmare and Janie's Private Eyes.

That's what it comes down to, you pick up her books eager for a spooky mystery, which is delivered, but more importantly you're exposed to your own thoughts and doubts and fears coming out of another character's mouth and actions. There may be more action-oriented, "better," books out there for young adults these days but I haven't read anything else for this age-range that so perfectly captures the mindset of someone on the edge of childhood and making those first painful transitions into adolescence.