Mennyms Under Siege, Mennyms #3

Mennyms Under Siege  - Sylvia Waugh

Poor Pilbeam. All she wanted to do was to spend an evening out in the theater, and lose herself, her worries and her bruised rag-doll heart in the rhythms of Shakespeare. Instead, she's threatened by the reappearance of a nosy neighbor.

Sir Magnus, upset by this and a few other suspicious incidents, including a close run-in with child protective services, declares that the Mennyms must stay indoors at all costs and sever ties with the outside world. Predictably this doesn't go well as further events make the family increasingly paranoid and afraid, even as they begin to get sore with one another from keeping such close quarters for  so long.

Unlike the previous books, the charm wears thin. Things get increasingly metaphysical and readers can't share in the suspense either, so there wasn't much cause to read this except for the fact there's another one after.


The Mennyms

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