What You Don't Know About Charlie Outlaw by Leah Stewart

What You Don't Know About Charlie Outlaw - Leah Stewart

Charlie Outlaw is a celebrity. His rise to fame has been an enjoyable one despite the attendant problems of becoming famous and never being able to go anywhere every again, but unfortunately his rising star coincides with the fall in fortunes of his girlfriend Josie Lamar. She was the star of a cult tv-series, but has failed to match that in the years since the show's end. At the start of the novel this has caused them to break up and after some ill-chosen words during what should have been a puff-piece interview, Charlie is on the run to 'find himself'.

Charlie picks an obscure island nation and tells no one where he is going and ends up kidnapped. Meanwhile Josie is doing some soul-searching of her own and discovers that she needs to find Charlie, little knowing what she is going to find out. Both of them will be severely tested before they get through their ordeals. Stewart builds up a microcosm of Hollywood and creates empathetic and strong characters in Charlie and Josie. Almost eight months later, much of the book has faded from memory, but while it was happening it was hard to put down.

Is this chick lit? If so, I might be in favor of more of this.