The Feed by Nick Clark Windo

The Feed - Nick Clark Windo

Post-apocalyptic sf with an interesting edge to it.

In the near-future, just about everyone is on 'The Feed', it is social networking wired into your head with the ability to interface with everyone simultaneously, alter your perceptions of your surroundings, look up facts, videos and even your own memories - perfectly captured - so that overall one can do everything and anything but talk to other people. Tom has the feed, of course, but resists using it and convinces his partner Kate to disengage from it as well from time to time.

The novel jumps forward and reveals a world torn apart by The Feed's sudden absence. During a global crisis it is shut down, but it is too late. People had become so dependent on the Feed that it was difficult to function without it. Few remembered anything. There is something more sinister, however. It is revealed early on that there is a strange possessive force that anyone who was once connected to the Feed is vulnerable to.

Tom and Kate are a part of a group of survivors who are trying to raise a new generation, but there are many difficulties and when disaster hits them again, they have to do whatever it takes to survive and bring their daughter home again.

Truly enjoyable. What was really interesting was how Windo approached humanities connection with technology from a philosophical point of view and then encased it in this novel.