The Oracle Year by Charle Soule

The Oracle Year : A Novel - Charles Soule

Will Dando is an accomplished bassist making ends meet at various gigs and studio sessions, heck he's even working on some original material that goes over well at the open mic! Yeah! Then he wakes up after a vivid dream and writes down 108 predictions spaced out over a year.

Those predictions range from seemingly inconsequential to life-changing, and they're all coming true. Will sets out to release some of these predictions while protecting his identity, enlisting his friend Hamza to find out how to create a secure website and make a ton of money.

Dando cannot escape the conviction that there is some kind of logic behind these predictions, some kind of higher plan that was set in motion the moment the first prophecy was released into the world. Dando finds he's made powerful enemies, and that events are spinning beyond his control.

This was a great slice of sf and techno-thriller. I read it as pure entertainment, the satire not really cutting deep enough to work on that level. There was some good characterization here, but the ultimate depth of their relationships left something to be desired. Very much worth checking out though.