If I Die Tonight by Alison Gaylin

If I Die Tonight - Alison Gaylin

Thrillers are not really my forte, but there have been a few that I've liked. This isn't one of them. I didn't find the plot compelling. All that melodrama.

'If I Die Tonight' begins with a message from high school outcaste Wade Reed saying he's gonna end it all and you'll all be better of without me. Hundreds of 'likes' support the post. Flashing back we find there's been an accident. An 80s has-been musician has been robbed of her purse and her car stolen. A local football hero was hit by the car in the aftermath and is in critical condition in the hospital. Blame soon falls on Wade, a weird kid and not much liked who was out that night without an alibi. Pearl, a cop with a dark secret, has a bad feeling about the witnesses and doubts about the suspect, but the community doesn't hesitate to make judgements.

Gaylin does demonstrate effectively how social media can be the most destructive influence on communities. Her characters, with the critical exception of Wade our maligned prime suspect, are well drawn. Wade and his silence was just not believable. It was too visible of a plot mechanism. I did like Pearl and Wade's mother, they managed to give life to the book.

Anyway, it was quick and there's worse out there.