Manfried the Man by Caitlin Major, Illustrated by Kelly Bastow

Manfried The Man - Caitlin Major, Kelly Bastow

'Manfried the Man' is about a young white collar cat named Steve living the dream with his pet man Manfried. The book is full of sight gags about the foibles of crazy man cats and their obsessions with their pets.

The illustrations are fantastic, I've seen some complaints about all the little man genitals, but is that really so shocking? Maybe the artist could have drawn big clumps of man pubes to decently cover them, but I think that would be weirder.

The plotting of the book could use a little love. Steve just doesn't have it in him to carry the show by himself for that long - he needs Manfried for backup. The other quibble I have is where are the women, all of the little pets humans were men. That doesn't seem to make sense.

It probably doesn't bear thinking about that much. This is a cute comic book about reversing the roles of people and cats. I liked it.