Ship It by Britta Lundin

Ship It - Britta Lundin

OK, so I'm pretty split about this book. On one hand I found a lot of the humor refreshing, the immersion into a new-to-me nerdsphere entertaining, and on the other hand there are some valid complaints about our protagonist's fucked up view of the world and appropriate treatment of her fellow human beings.

Claire is 16 and feels isolated in her remote Texas town. She's fairly new there, but she doesn't have much in common with anyone there. Her true obsession is 'Demon Heart', a 'supernatural' (harhar) tv show involving a sexy demon hunter and the one demon he just can't quit. Or so it seems to her. Claire has written extensive erotic fanfic about the show and seems pretty modest, at first, about the following she has. 'Ship It''s plot really begins when Claire asks the obvious question - when are Mr. Demon Hunter and Demon gonna make out already? - and gets shut down pretty hard. The actor playing Smokey (Demon Hunter) in particular laughs off her concern. The internet happens, and producers are so afraid of the fallout - especially because of Claire's supreme internet levels - that they stage a contest and Claire wins a VIP access for the rest of Demon Heart's convention tour.

The problems of the book have nothing to do with Claire's fanfic, which is funny and sweet until it isn't - I won't go into that later, I'll just say it was fanfic being used for EVIL, but with her being some sort of asocial MarySue who is awesome and right all the time. This includes her own bullying tactics and internet revenge and callous treatment of those who are clearly her only friends. I'll sheepishly admit I glossed over a lot of that at first, focusing only on the shiny of it and the humor. I gave this four stars at first, and highly reccomended the book to others. On reflection, and turning over details of the story there's a lot that's unacceptable. I can't deny my initial positive response, however. So I'll let some stars stand.