Voyage of the Golden Dragon by Nicolas Logue

Voyage of the Golden Dragon (Eberron Supplement) - Nicolas Logue, Scott Fitzgerald Gray

This is a standalone adventure, but because there were so few published adventures for Eberron, many DMs may choose this supplement to follow up with the 'Lost Forge'-'Shadows of the Lost War'-'Whispers of the Vampire's Blade'-'Grasp of the Emerald Claw' chain of modules.

The Golden Dragon was planned as a battleship for the air, but with the 'Last War' ended it has been converted and finished as a pleasure craft. The owners are concerned about its safety after a threat so the party is hired on as guards for the launch and maiden voyage.

Clearly, things don't go well.

I didn't review this two years ago, because I wasn't sure if I would use this for my campaign or not. The adventure is a bit of a murder mystery and involves a lot of scheming - prime Eberron business, but I feel it lacked action. I might play this someday, but its doubtful.