The Broken Girls by Simone St. James

The Broken Girls - Simone St. James

Simone St James has a lot of wheels turning in 'The Broken Girls', her sixth novel. Idlewild Hall in the present day is a third rate boarding school that closed decades ago. Fiona, whose sister was found dead on its grounds, is driven to investigate why it may be reopened and face her own doubts as to the guilt of the man who was convicted of her sister's murder. The novel weaves in and out of the past to explore the bond between four girls in the post WWII era and the tragedy that strikes one of them. Through all of this there is the legend of Mary Hand, whose spirit is said to haunt the school and infects the lives of those who hear her.
This was a chilling, suspenseful novel that makes the most of its setting and characters. St James balances her cast of characters in two timelines and makes the most of her setting. I liked how the supernatural touches didn't take over the plot of the novel.