The Fifteen Wonders of Daniel Green by Erica Boyce

The Fifteen Wonders of Daniel Green - Erica Boyce

Erica Boyce has an engaging debut novel with 'The Fifteen Wonders of Daniel Green'. Daniel is a member of a secret society of 'Circlers' who, for the love of it, travel around the country making crop circles.


The true secret is that this is done with the blessings of the farmers with the hope that it inspires interest in a region, farming, or simply remind the world that agriculture exists. There is something healing about the process of making a circle that comforts Daniel and helps him to forget about his past, if not move on.


It has become a lonely life for him, so it should come as no surprise to the reader when the bright, young daughter of the Daniel latest client is allowed into Daniel's secret and the two begin to share aspects of themselves they'd become afraid to explore.


This was a quick read, its set in Vermont - though it sounded and felt like no part of the state I know - and does interesting things with its premise. Boyce is another young author to keep an eye on.