The Dream Peddler by Martine Fornier Watson

The Dream Peddler - Martine Fournier Watson

Historic fiction with a twist of magical realism, Martine Fornier Watson tells the story of a community visited by a dream peddler. With a few quiet words and a little money he can sell a person any dream they desire in the form of a potion drank before sleeping.


He has the misfortune to arrive in town on the eve of a tragedy, a young boy is lost in late winter. His wares, once proven, creates unexpected rifts in the town and Watson examines the value we put on our dreams, real and tangible, and the price we pay for honesty.


This was another one I had to finish just to see what Watson would do with this premise. I have to say I was impressed by the restraint she showed in the fantastic elements of the story, using them as a vehicle for the chararter's emotions, and not as merely a plot device or flashy window dressing.


'The Dream Peddler' is a quiet novel, but I expect it will get people talking.