Help Me! by Marianne Power

Help Me! - Marianne Power

This was an amusing and self-indulgent memoir about the author's experiment with living by the advice of a different self-help book every month. Understandably, the experiment doesn't go great and extends half a year and more than planned and causes the author to seriously question her judgement.


I'm not immune to the desire of wanting to get my shit together, but I've always been skeptical of self-help books. It's easy to read or hear good advice, and completely another thing to have it actually inspire you to change your life.


Still, the book was enjoyable and I appreciated Powers' sense of humor and her honesty in describing the pitfalls of each book she adheres to each month. I was a little baffled that she didn't follow through on the advice that was working from one month into the next, but it wasn't my artificial experiment so she was allowed to make up her own rules.


Oh, and btw, they apparently changed the cover since I added the book to the database. It's pink now.