New Spring, The Wheel of Time #0

New Spring (Wheel of Time, #0) - Robert Jordan

I remember being bitterly disappointed when I heard that the newest 'Wheel of Time' book would be a prequel, and, worse yet, a prequel based on a short story I had already read in the 'Legends' anthology. Remember that I was in high school at the time, and you may guess at just how deep those emotions were.


Ah, youth.


Anyway, I never read this. I never saw the need until this last reread made me realize I shouldn't leave any 'WoT' stone un-turned.


'New Spring' isn't bad, but even with my memories of the original short story grown dim over these many, many years, there wasn't much new to be gleaned from the book.


Moiraine and Lan's origins are discussed, as well as Siuan's, to a lesser extent. It was an easy read and it was fun to catch all of the cameos from later characters that we knew as Aes Sedai, darkfriends and light-sided.


I wish I could say something more positive about this, I could see how this could have lead into a whole series of prequels and side-series that complimented the main series, but as it is its just short of a waste of time.


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