The Binding by Bridget Collins

The Binding - Bridget Collins

A stunning new work of fantasy and romance by Bridget Collins. This has the best of both worlds - a stunning fantasy conceit in the form of memories being bound into books, dark secrets and unexpected twists, and a romance that unexpectedly ties it all together.


I was urged to read this, and I can see why people have gotten excited about it. Collins evokes an alternate world where certain people have the gift of binding people unwanted memories into books and a dark trade has grown up around selling these books, and, perhaps even worse, using the binder's gifts to cover up transgressions and to buy the memories of the desperate to provide entertainment for the wealthy.


Emmett Farmer has been sick for months, and is unable to help his family anymore with the farm. He appears to be getting better though, and is dismayed when he discovers he is to be put into apprenticeship with the Binder, who lives in a remote part of the country. Emmett knows that books are forbidden, but has no idea of their power.


Collins uses the loss of memory to tell a moving story and examines the cost of giving up and denying our experiences in exchange for peace of mind and a more comfortable present. Fantastic.