The Soldier's Scoundrel by Cat Sebastian

The Soldier's Scoundrel - Cat Sebastian

At a recent bookseller's conference I attended a session dealing with selling romance novels, a category I felt we'd been missing the mark on in my store. There was a lot of good advice - chief among them was that booksellers should actually read romance if they want to sell it. 


'The Soldier's Scoundrel' was difficult for me to get into. I'm willing to toss aside characters behaving anachronistically for the sake of the novel having to exist, but I could not get over the constant sexy interruptions.


Jack and Oliver were realistic characters with each having a supporting cast and convincing backstory, the mystery they were investigating was well plotted enough for me to be irritated every time they got over their self-loathing enough to get it on. The sex was...well described? Something about writing about romance reduces me to 6th grade book report-speak. I think it got in the way of what I was wanting from the story.


I'd dabbled with some romance awhile back - looking at you 'Tigers and Devils' - and, while it was a decent read and I still hypothetically plan on reading the sequel, I obviously haven't made it a priority.Perhaps the genre isn't for me, we'll see. I was given a whole reading list covering highlights of m/m in the genre, so I'll pick up something soon in another category.