Barbie Doll Fashion: Vol. 2, 1968-1974 by Sarah Sink Eames

Barbie Doll Fashion: Vol. 2, 1968-1974 (Barbie Doll Fashion) - Sarah Sink Eames

This is second in the three volume overview of Barbie fashions. The photographs are clear, with many variations and examples with original packaging shown. Eames also makes sure to include a section at the end on the various versions of the basic outfits for every doll released in these years.


For the most part Eames presents everything chronologically and grouped together by character, making note if an outfit is repeated from year to year. This volume goes beyond Hilary Shilkitus James' books by two years, going up to the point where Mattel stopped tagging the clothing.



A 1962-1965 Painted Hair Ken in "Goin' Hunting" (1965) looking at "The Casual Scene" (1971). He's pretty stoked he'll never have to wear it.



A 1969 New Good Looking Ken in his original shirt and odd pieces. 1969 Julia in her original nurse's uniform.


It is a broad range, covering the late 60s, the talking dolls, and what many (including myself) believe to be the last years of real ingenuity and quality in the doll and its accessories.



A 1965 bend-leg Skipper in 'Town Togs' (1965) (missing green trench-coat and cabbie hat to match leggings), 1969 Julia doll in 'Leisure Leopard' (1969) hostess pajamas, and 1970 Francie with Growin' Pretty Hair in the real fur trimmed coat from "Furry Go Round" (1967). As I've mentioned, I just don't have enough of the clothes complete or the dolls themselves from these years to a do a real overview.


This is the only one of the three volumes I've read, but all three follow the same format. In total the series covers every outfit and doll released from 1959 to 1979. Volume III is scarce and a buyer will have a hard time finding it without paying out the nose.


Barbie Doll Fashions


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