By Night, Vol. 1 by John Allison

By Night, Vol. 1 - John Allison, Sarah  Stern, Christine   Larsen

Boom! continues to add to its arsenal of comics series that are bizarre, push genre boundaries, and are just plain fun. 


'By Night' follows twentysomething former best friends Jane and Heather. Time, college and some undefined circumstances have led to their drifting apart, but they've both returned to their home town of Spectrum, SD. Not much is going on in Spectrum since the sprocket factory shut down.


On hearing the factory is going to be left unguarded, Jane convinces Heather to explore it with her, you know, before the teens find it and ruin everything, and what could have been a brief outing to rekindle a friendship becomes something much more.


This was cool. I'm waiting for the sequel. That's all.


By Night


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