A Q&E Guide to Queer and Trans Identities

A Quick & Easy Guide to Queer and Trans Identities - Mady G, J. R. Zuckerberg

Some curious snails happen across a group of campers in their forest that don't look like the Boy or Girl Scouts who usually stop there. A cool snail comes out of a tank and takes them on a journey. Its a very silly beginning, but the snails and the other talking woodland critters allow a more open discussion of queer and trans identities. The guide also talks about everything from the reasoning for using certain words, like queer, how to decide for yourself when and if to come out, identifying good partners from toxic ones, and other valuable advice.


This guide is appropriate for everyone, whether they are themselves questioning, on their journey already, or want to know more about the subject or wish to avoid offense. It's OK! Everyone is different and as long as we're respectful to each other everything else follows naturally. The authors do a good job of explaining identities and emphasize that everyone may not fit into these categories and that is OK, too.

So this is as advertised: a great new guide that helps the reader understand queer and trans identities. The illustrations are charming and the definitions are straight-forward and simple. A great resource - the series also has another title on pronouns.