Little Girls by Nicholas Aflleje, Illustrated by Sarah Delaine, Ashley Lanni & Adam Wollet

Little Girls - Nicholas Aflleje, Sarah Delaine, Adam Wollet, Ashley Lanni

Sam's used to moving around a lot. Her father's job takes him to many different countries and she must go along. Harar in Ethiopia is not so different from other places - another language, another school peopled with bossy cliques,until Sam steps in when she see's a girl her age being bullied. Lielet is opinionated and passionate, and quickly convinces Sam to go hunting for a local legend.


The kerit, or "nandi bear", is a legendary creature that feeds on the brains of its victims. It is a Kenyan legend, but when a series of mysterious attacks against livestock suddenly escalates to human victims, fear is widespread. Sam and Lielet witness the Kerit for themselves and it quickly becomes clear that the authorities can do nothing to stop it.


This is a great standalone adventure/horror comic, but I appreciated that Affleje and Delaine took the time to develop Same and Lielet's relationship outside of monster hunting. There are phone conversations, television shows, jokes, in short a whole frame of reference to their friendship outside of this adventure. It gave the story weight. I'd like to see these characters again.