Feathers by Jorge Cordona

Feathers - Jorge Corona

'Feathers' is about a boy named Poe who was abandoned as an infant in a back street of the "Maze" a sprawling, chaotic settlement surrounding the "City". Two entities are responsible for his being there, to address something cryptically referred to as "The Balance". 


Also, he's covered in black feathers and a sensitivity to light requires his wearing of goggles.


On the night he is found by his adoptive father, a predator begins stalking the streets stealing away homeless children, known as Mice. The action begins years later as a near-adolescent Poe has taken to helping the mice go about their business of surviving - by stealing - and escaping the guardsmen. He must do so in secret, for fear of being attacked because of his differences, and the children view him as a ghost to be frightened of rather than a savior.


Meanwhile in the City, Bianca is bored and pesters her father to allow her to accompany him to the city docks, on the other side of the Maze, for business. She ignores his warnings about the dangers of the maze and jeopardizes herself, her father and a lot of innocent people of the Maze and City who will get hurt because she felt like having an adventure.


I didn't like Bianca, I don't think as a reader you're supposed to dislike her, but I did. 


Guess who run into each other? So the narrative may be a little predictable, but the setting is full of lore and questions that will leave readers begging for more. Poe and Bianca working together make some mistakes but uncover some terrible secrets and do a lot of good in the process.


This is the kind of fun graphic novel that needs discovering, be sure to check it out!