Bone Parish, Vol. 1 by Cullen Bunn, Jonas Scharf, and Alex Guimaraes

Bone Parish, Vol. 1 - Cullen Bunn, Jonas Scharf, Alex Guimaraes

This is a great start to a horror series. A family in New Orleans has developed a new hallucinogen, ash, that is so lucid, so real, that demand for it keeps skyrocketing - even if it is made from the dead. This business is becoming so profitable its caught the attention of cartels in New York and elsewhere that might soon stop asking for a share in the business, but take it all. There's also the other small problem that horrifying side effects have emerged...


These opening issues of 'Bone Parish' set up a crime family dynamic with plenty of secrets and regrets. There isn't a lot of space for characterization, I know that that has to come in pieces in this format, but its frustrating to have information teased out over such a long period of time. This has a lot of promise, I'll keep my eyes open.