Is This How You See Me?: Love and Rockets by Jaime Hernandez

Is This How You See Me?: A Locas Story - Jaime Hernández

I can't believe this is my first sampling of 'Love and Rockets', there's something about these characters that feels so familiar! I can say that this can be read just fine without any previous L&R experience, but I had to take off some points just because I did lose track of a few characters as it went on.


Maggie and Hopey are returning to their old neighborhood for a punk reunion. Nostalgia is a dangerous thing, they're well aware, and they're not as young as they used to be. The story goes into the past many times and you get the chance to see these characters at different points in their lives. These characters have a complicated history, they've dated in the past, and though they are both happily seeing other people, the tension that persists between former lovers now friends is just as present as their easy familiarity.


This is an intimidating series to get into - there are many different collections to choose from and other groups of characters and stories (a part from the 'Locas' group) ranging over 30 years. I'm trying the early volumes in the store and hopefully I'll spark a conversation in the store. That will decide me on reading the rest for myself.