Flocks by Leigh Nichols

Flocks - Leigh Nichols

'Flocks' by Leigh Nichols is a memoir about growing up in the South in a breaking home, being a part of a religious community, being intelligent, and not belonging for reasons that can't be expressed. There have been a lot of graphic memoirs published lately, the medium allows for a balance of raw honesty and subtle expression that is appealing.


I'll be honest, I picked this up at Winter Institute because of the dolls on the cover. I was thinking of adding to my husband's side collection of books featuring dolls and toys. The subject matter of a young trans man working his way towards acceptance and happiness is better that your average creepy doll book.


I liked how open Nichols was about his faith and what it meant to him growing up and now. It was a simultaneous source of comfort and pain to him, and it took a long time to reconcile the intolerance and hostility and the kindness and support coming from the same individuals. This is a thorny problem to grapple and I think Nichols does it well. Though there really isn't anything I would call "adult content", the depth of this work makes it more suitable to mature teens or older readers.