Superman: Dawnbreaker

Superman: Dawnbreaker (DC Icons #4) - Matt de la Pena

I'm still enjoying the DC Icons series. I haven't read Sarah J Maas' 'Catwoman' yet, but they have re-contextualized classic superheroes as modern teenagers and have used the industry's leading YA authors to do it. 'Dawnbreaker' is no exception.


Smallville is beginning to change and Clark Kent isn't sure he's ready, especially with the changes he's experiencing. He's long become used to shielding his powers, but lately they've been getting stronger and new ones are unexpectedly showing up at the worst times. The town is considering a new ordinance that would allow police officers to racially profile and stop cars at will to check immigration statuses. Disappearances in Smallvilles Mexican community are even more troubling. This doesn't seem like the town he grew up in. Meanwhile, friend Lana wants to investigate a new corporation setting up shop in town and buying up farms.


Superman is a hard character sometimes - he's so powerful its hard to have any sympathy for him, or believe his struggles. Teenager Clark Kent though has not mastered his powers and the midwestern roots of the character stand out against the urbane cynicism of Lex Luthor and others. I know they have more of these slated to come out, but I haven't heard who's next - my moneys on Aquaman of course, or perhaps Harley Quinn. 


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