Lupin Leaps In by Georgia Dunn

Lupin Leaps In: A Breaking Cat News Adventure - Georgia Dunn

The world can always use another cute book about cats. 'Lupin Leaps In' is about three house cats, Elvis, Puck and Lupin, who report to each other the breaking news in their household. These can range from the man's loss of his tail (a haircut), just how many cats have moved in upstairs (so many), and how often the woman keeps getting up once they've just settled into her lap.


It's a funny concept. Writer and artist Georgia Dunn gives the cats quirky personalities that any cat owner will recognize and the gentle humor is appropriate for all ages. If the book has a flaw its that much of the book is episodic and doesn't form a longer narrative. 


But, cuteness compensates for a lot!