Legion of Super-Heroes, Vol. 3

Legion of Super-Heroes Archives, Vol. 3 - Edmond Hamilton, Curt Swan

I love these Archive Editions, in most cases they cost more used then they did new back in the 1990s but they have crisp color and, of course, they're more available, durable and readable than the original comics. They are the only way, other than pirating of course, to read these old comics books.


I wish they had left the credits pages in though. Or added them if the original book didn't have them for some reasons. The introduction talks about the evolution of the series and the influence various writers and artists had on the series, but when you're reading the stories themselves I can't find who wrote them unless I look online, which defeats the purpose of the book somewhat.


That is small quibble compared to the joy of seeing all the girls in the Legion vying for Jimmy Olsen's sweet, sweet loving. Feminism will get to the 31st century eventually girls! More seriously there are storylines like the "mutiny" that established "space fatigue" and allowed writers to shuffle through the roster without having to constantly explain why the Legion doesn't just have Superboy and Mon-el do everything all the time. I may be mistaken, but I think this might also be when Bouncing Boy is (temporarily) de-powered after several panels in various issues are spent pointing out that the boy may be jolly but his powers aren't much use in most circumstances.


Legion of Super-Heroes


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