Time of the Twins, Dragonlance Legends #1 by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman

Time of the Twins - Tracy Hickman, Margaret Weis

I had fond memories of the Dragonlance 'Chronicles', but it was the 'Legends' trilogy that stuck with me through the years. Time travel, deep lore, and epic battles form a backdrop to a pair of seriously screwed up brothers.


At the end of 'Dragons of Spring Dawning' Raistlin had come into some serious power and had dismissed Caramon from his life. Caramon, having protected and cared for his brother his whole life clearly is not happy about the situation, but goes off into the sunset with Tika. At the true start of 'Time' we see a harried Tika and a Caramon who is, literally, unrecognizable.


The actual start of the novel spends some time with Raistlin enjoying his Dark Sinister Powers, a 'loyal' apprentice, and a plot involving a powerful, but inexperienced, cleric of Paladine. Crystania swoons over Raistlin and his musk of roses, blood, and death, and starts her own plot to win him back over to the side of good. In doing this she get entangled with Tasslehoff and a seriously out of condition Caramon. A jaunt back to just before the Cataclysm seems inevitable.


For the most part the book holds up and, for many reasons, 'Time of the Twins' is a superior book to anything in the 'Chronicles' series, and yet, the luster has worn off and, honestly, I wasn't seeing the world-building here that I was expecting. In previous books whole adventure arcs would be skipped over with a mention, and it worked, but the actual epic scenes on screen here were fun, but not powerful.


I'm going to keep going, but I remember that after this trilogy the Dragonlance universe gets really complicated, insular, and much of it not written by Weis and Hickman gets contradicted and retconned down the line.


Dragonlance Legends


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