Barbie Solves a Mystery, Barbie #5 by Cynthia Lawrence

Barbie: Solves a Mystery (Book 5) - Cynthia Lawrence, Clyde Smith

Barbie is recruited by her small town's weekly newspaper as the fashion reporter. The rest of the staff is an accountant/social columnist, the editor himself and a flashy young buck from the city eager to make a name for himself. His name? Johnny November. So a teen fashion reporter makes sense.


To be fair, Willows has a large garment factory in town and a booming postwar population that may need a little fashion guidance. Barbie's start as a reporter coincides with the return to town of a famous New York fashion designer who left town fifteen years ago in a cloud of scandal. Can Barbie juggle her reporting duties with high school? Can she clear the name of a glamorous woman? Can her and Midge and Ken just hang out like they used to before she dropped them for these strangers?


Fun. The career-oriented Barbie is a great trajectory for a book of this era. Oh, there are problems, sure, but Lawrence pokes just enough at the expected limitations of women to get young readers thinking.



Does this look like a woman with a bad reputation? A bubblecut Barbie in one of the original glamour outfits 'Evening Splendor' #961 (1959). She's missing her pearls, but the hankie is in the purse.


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