The Baby Name Wizard, 4th Edition by Laura Wattenberg

The Baby Name Wizard: A Magical Method for Finding the Perfect Name for Your Baby - Laura Wattenberg

Nope. No babies here, but I was told to expect a new niece or nephew and I've been intrigued by this book since shelving it in the Parenting section, so I took it home for my sister.


We've all seen baby name books, but this one is different. Wattenberg takes a look at the statistics behind names, points out trends and groups names in "families" such as similar cultural background, regional favorites, trends and, most importantly, the 'feel' of a name. She uses categories such as Elegant Antique, Exotic Traditionals, etc. so it easy to find names that spark interest. Everything is cross-referenced nicely for simple navigation.


Wattenberg has a good sense of humor about names and doesn't mince words with her practical advice to parents about getting over the anxiety of naming, and find one that feels right to them.