Night Games, Fear Street #40

Night Games - R.L. Stine

Yeeesssss, this is what I'm talking about! 'Night Games' has a great pay-off.


Diane Brown is not your typical Fear Street heroine. She's apparently the ugly friend even though she has all the boys coming after her. Her scraggly blonde hair and poor clothes have nothing on her friend Cassie's red hair and model looks. Diane does have the requisite rage-fueled boyfriend, Lenny. Gauging from the cover though, Diane does seem to be a bit hard on herself. Also, why is she going into a cemetery with Lenny? They never go near a cemetery in this book. Huh.


The book opens with Diane, Lenny, Cassie and Cassie's boyfriend Jordan walking home late one cold night after dancing at Red Heat. They're surprised to see an old friend of theirs, Spencer, climb out the upper window of a darkened house and approach them. Is he a burglar now?! Naw, he's just sneaking out late and causing mischief! He calls it his Night Games. The boys are all in, and the girls reluctantly agree. They get into it later.


The Night Games get serious when the the pranks begin focusing on Mr. Crowell, the hardass math teacher who lives alone, has excellent taste in home furnishings and really, really loves Christmas. Uh-oh. What are they going to do to the gay man's house? Fear Street needs gay dollars to gentrify!


The book focuses on Diane's poor choice in boyfriends, because of course an ex gets involved and there's some history with Spencer, too; homework and lab partners; and academic probation; but stick with it! This turned into my favorite Fear Street book. I'm not even gonna hint.


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