Truth or Dare, Fear Street #28

Truth or Dare - R.L. Stine

April sure is glad she sat next to Dara in that science lab. She doesn't know Dara that well, she only just moved to Shadyside, but she's loaded. She invited April to come to her family's ski cabin for the weekend - vacation cabins are, like, the number one murder sites but ok - and allowed April to invite Jenny and Ken, too. Jenny and Ken are the most beautiful people April has ever seen, they're so amazing, but she's sick of them making out in front of her all the time. In the limo that was sent to pick them up, is also Dara's friend Josh, who is cute in a nerdy way.


Dara meets them at the cabin - but it turns out Dara's parents couldn't make it! Also, Dara's family apparently shares the cabin with another family and their son Tony and his girlfriend Carly Rae are there by mistake, but have already made out in every room. Dara's none to pleased, but decides to make the best of mixed company with a little party game.


There are few shockingly over the top reactions to the truths that are shared, but other than April admitting she knows something she doesn't want to know, it all seems innocuous until the horror begins the next morning!


This brings us back to standard thriller territory, but I liked how April not only had some mean comments about everyone in her head, but totally took charge of the situation in-between freaking out about that murder stuff. At one point she leads the interrogation of the suspect, coolly making herself a cup of coffee before sitting down at the table. Right on April, but readers will have to find out for themselves if you can survive.


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