Rise of the Seventh Moon, Heirs of Ash #3 by Rich Wulf

Rise of the Seventh Moon - Rich Wulf

The crew of the Mourning Dawn have pieced together what Ashrem's Legacy is, gone through some major battles in the Frostfell and Mournland, but there are major revelations left and there are a few surprising additions to the crew as well. This was a great conclusion to a trilogy that had some rough starts. Recommended to any Eberron fan who can muscle through two and a half books without a decent copy editor. I swear, it's worth it.


I may be overcompensating with this rating the same way I undercut 'Flight of the Dying Sun', but the story really came together here. Wulf had made use of a lot of secondary characters and flashbacks throughout, but they all serve a purpose by the second half of 'Seventh Moon'. A very nice juggling act.


This was a good book and in the denouement there were several meta jokes that absolutely referred to the typographical errors and other "rough" patches to the book. It's pretty funny - there must have been just enough lag time between publishing the books for the author to see the finished product of at least book one and inserted some commentary.


I'll continue to read Eberron novels, but I'll try to scope out online which series were plagued with publisher-errors and read with appropriate caution.


Heirs of Ash


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