Medallion Status by John Hodgman

Medallion Status - John Hodgman

John Hodgman, I didn't even want to read this book. I knew I'd like it, but there's so much else out there. Unfortunately you were to hand when I couldn't find the other book I was reading. I couldn't stop.


What did I think? It was brilliant, as always, and while 'Medallion Status' was less internally consistent than 'Vacationland' this offered more laugh-out-loud pleasures.


The book is a series of memories and essays that span over almost a ten year period, as far as I could tell. The common theme is that it was during the years that Hodgman was more actively working in television and spending a lot of time in airports. He wrestled with the choice of his career and spending time with family and, spoiler, family wins, but only because television stopped calling.


I relish any excuse to laugh and so should you, so go ahead and get this book.